Research has shown that taking notes improves understanding and retention of the things taught in a lecture. But no matter how fast we write or type, it is not possible to jot down everything the professor is saying. This is why many students nowadays are recording class lectures.

Benefits of Recording Class Lectures

  1. Content is complex and difficult to comprehend

When the class lecture is covering a topic that is quite complex and difficult to understand, you would want to give your full attention to what the professor is demonstrating instead of frantically trying to write down everything. Besides, listening to the lecture a second or third time would help if you have trouble understanding something.

  1. You missed a class

College life is full of opportunities to have fun. What if you were partying late into night and couldn’t wake up in time to attend a class? Worse still, what if you fell ill from all the fun you’re having and couldn’t leave your bed for anything? Well, you can always ask your best friend to record the class lecture for you. Sure, you could just copy his or her note, but listening to the recorded lecture would ensure that you don’t miss anything.

  1. You can’t keep up with your professor

Not everyone is blessed with fast penmanship and many students have slow handwriting. Often, by the time you’ve finished writing one point; your teacher has already made another three and moved on. In such cases you would want to record the lecture to catch anything you missed.

  1. Convenient for revision

It’s the night before the exam and you are revising the topics and suddenly you realize you don’t have full understanding of one particular topic. It’s too late to call the professor for help and others are busy with their own studies. What can you do in this case? If you kept record of all the lectures, you can easily refer to the class when the professor lectured on that particular topic and allow the professor herself to brush up your knowledge.

Common Recording Problems

  1. Listening to recorded lectures is time-consuming

In between giving a lecture, professor take rollcall, engage in small talks, answer questions and take other detours. So when you are going to listen to the record, you would have to listen through all these unwanted noises.

  1. Volume too low

If you arrived late in class and all the good seats in the front are taken, then you would have to record the lecture from the backbenches and the volume of the recording could turn out to be imperceptible.

  1. The lecture is too long

Most recording applications can’t record for long hours and you might have to keep accessing you device to start a new recording. You might lose valuable parts of the lecture in between starting new recording and the professor is unlikely to be pleased with you if you keep checking on your device while seating on the front benches.

  1. Low device space

A good recording takes up a lot of space. If you have to record multiple long classes per day, you might run of space after the first few classes.

  1. Losing recording

Suppose you are in an afternoon class and you are attentively listening to the class lecture while taking note only when necessary because you have your device recording the whole lecture. But at the end of the class, you realize that your parents called you to check in on you and your recording application stopped recording once the call came and didn’t record anything after that.

Why Voice Recorder HD is best for recording class lectures

  1. Trimming tool to Save Time & Space:

The iOS version of the Voice Recorder HD has Trimming feature as an in apps purchase. Using the trimming tool you can cut away unrecorded part of a class recording. This will minimize the time to listen to a lecture and at the same time reduce the file size.

  1. Audio Boost tool to Boost Volume:

The iOS version of the Voice Recorder HD has Audio Boost feature as in apps purchase. Even if you seat in the backbenches, with this feature you can magnify sound and the volume of the recording would be similar to the recordings you take while seating in the front.

  1. Record for long hours

The iOS version of Voice Recorder HD can record up to 21 hours and the android version can record up to 2 hours.

  1. Dropbox integration to save space

Both the android & iOS version of Voice Recorder HD has built in Dropbox integration. Just login to your Dropbox account and your recording would be automatically backed up on cloud. You can also back up your files to Google Drive, iCloud and other cloud storages.

  1. Automatically resumes recording after a call

When you receive a call during recording a lecture, Voice Recording HD automatically pauses recording and resumes it after the call is over. So the chance of losing recordings is quite low.

You can get the most out of classes if you record the lectures using Voice Recorder HD. You can download Voice Recorder HD for android devices for free on Google Play and for $1.99 on App Store for iOS devices.