Save and use all passwords without typing

Log in to any service or website with several taps!
Protect your password with industry’s best security standards!

Save user name and password

Save the user name and password of all online accounts and enter them automatically.

Autolock PassKeys

Use Autolock PassKeys to prevent unauthorized access.

Import as CSV format

Import passwords from CSEE format, such as KeePass, Lastpass and other services.

Industry best security

It protects data with AES and Twofish encryption, which is the industry’s highest security standard.

Only you access

The master password and key file are not recorded anywhere, so only you can access your data.

no alternative backdoors or keys

There are no alternative backdoors or keys that can open the database.

Voice Recorder HD

It is a full featured best voice recorder application with stunning interface for business, audio professional, sound engineer, journalist, lecturer, school/college student and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos.

Voice Recorder HD

Loop Tube

LoopTube is designed to play videos one by one in a loop. This is the entertainment application for everyday use to see favorite video(s) in a loop without tapping play next and fullscreen button.

Loop Tube

Call Recorder

Call Recorder allows you to record incoming and outgoing phone calls at free of cost. You dont need to buy any extra credit to record a call.

Call Recorder