Many users of PassKeys for iOS also use LastPass Chrome extension on their PCs and Macs. Bad news for them as LastPass has announced on their company blog that their servers has been hacked. While they are claiming that passwords for the other websites are safe, the hackers have stolen LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes. So this means even if the hackers didn’t have your passwords for other websites, they can access those easily using your email id and master password.

There is always the possibility that LastPass didn’t realize their servers were hacked in time and your passwords might already be compromised. But if you change your master password immediately, there is a slim chance you might be able to protect your passwords.

If you use LastPass for your iOS devices as well, it’s high time you switched to PassKeys for iOS. PassKeys trusts nobody but you with your information. Only you will have access to your master password and key file. It doesn’t store your passwords on any server and so there isn’t any backdoor available to your login information. You have the option of enabling Autolock to enhance security.

And the best thing is, PassKeys is absolutely FREE! PassKeys offers you the option of importing and exporting passwords to LastPass, Keepass and 1Password, so you can easily switch from LastPass to PassKeys.