PassKeys is the best free password manager for iOS. However, PassKeys is limited to iOS only and doesn’t offer cross platform support. So if you use PassKeys on your iPhone, you would have to use another password management tool for your personal computer. But PassKeys offers you the option of importing and exporting passwords to other password managers such as LastPass, so there is a way to work around this issue easily. From password to credit card information, everything you have saved in LastPass can easily be be imported into PassKeys. There are two steps for importing your passwords from LastPass to PassKeys.

Step 1: Exporting all your Passwords from LastPass

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Click on the LastPass plug-in icon
  3. Go to Tools → Advanced Tools → Export To → LastPass CSV file in the menu
  4. Enter your Lastpass Password
  5. Choose a location and file name for the CSV file then click Save.

Step 2: Importing all your Passwords to PassKeys

  1. Open the .csv file in a excel editor and arrange columns as shown below and then save it.
  2. Now transfer the file to your iPhone/iOS by email or using services like Dropbox.
  3. Select the file in your device and use ‘Open In’ feature. Select PassKeys from list to import.