July 26, 2011 The difference between the iPhone and the iPad can be found in the number of apps each device comes pre-installed with. Number of apps are noticeably absent from the iPad. One of them is Clock. iStandard clock designed and featured to fill the gap. It is familiar design for iPhone user. So it will be the wonderful gift to them. “World Clock”, “Alarm”, “Stopwatch”,”Timer” features are integrated as well. iStandard Clock utilizes the opportunity of iPad big screen. Comfortable to see clock, stopwatch and timer from any corner of kitchen/room.

Key Features:
– World Clock
* Analog clock.
* City wise time display.
* Clock color changes on evening and morning.

– Alarm
* Weekly/daily alarm repeat function
* Alarm sound ON/OFF and built-in 4 patterns of sound.

* Snooze ON/OFF
* Alarm label/message

– Stopwatch
* Support lap function
– Timer
* Sound ON/OFF and and built-in 4 patterns of sound.